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Athlete. Scientist. Entrepreneur.

About Dr Darren Burke

Dr Darren Burke built a world class research program and reputation as an expert. During his time as a professor at St. Francis Xavier University he taught classes in sports nutrition, exercise physiology and metabolism, plus he trained a number of students to excel as scientists and in professions such as medicine and dentistry. 

In 2008 Dr Darren Burke left his tenured university professor role and launched a brand of sports nutrition products, including protein powders, energy pills and muscle building creatine supplements for professional athletes. His brand was the first to offer safe supplements for athletes in drug tested sports. A brand positioning that would change the sports nutrition world for the better, forever, as most supplements now include a safety certification. In just five years he grew the company from idea into category leader in Canada and the United States, then successfully exited the business when it was acquired by Nutrivo based in Chicago, Illinois. 

Dr Burke is a visionary leader and self-described as curious. Therefore, it was not a surprise in 2018 when and former NHL hockey player, TJ Galiardi, teamed up to launch an innovative sustainable technology based company to upcycle fruits and vegetables destined for landfill. Outcast Foods had partnerships with farms, food brokers and groceries to take their late in life or cosmetically rejected fruits and vegetables and turn them into nutrient dense, long shelf life powders for use in natural health products. The company grew from idea to multiple manufacturing facilities and more than $30mm in value in just three years.

Recognized as a regular speaker, Dr Darren Burke often delivers insightful presentations on various subjects including nutrition, cleantech, sustainability, and food waste reduction. In 2021, he received the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Atlantic Canada, highlighting his outstanding achievements. Dr. Burke's academic background includes a graduate degree in Kinesiology and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Dr Darren Burke has emerged as a pioneer in the field of innovative consumer products, sustainable food practices through his groundbreaking approach to solving problems in our food supply chain and making best products for consumers. Utilizing his creative approach to product development and brand building he has disrupted multiple industries and created unique and lasting consumer products.

"Working harder than the competition will result in success" -Dr Darren Burke

"Resilience is one of those traits that makes the difference between success and failure as a start-up founder" -Dr Darren Burke

Success in life is relative and unique for each of us. Some view having a family as success while others view making millions of dollars, driving a fancy car and having a big house as success.

Dr Darren Burke learned how to understand and improve characteristics related to his past, his upbringing, and his background experience to achieve great personal and professional success. He tested the same system in my personal and professional life with success in other aspects.

Dr Darren Burke also learned how to help others discover this in their personal and professional lives, modify where needed and excel. He shares his story to showcase that anyone can do great things and achieve all that they want. Success comes in incremental steps through a series of self evaluations, practical modifications, and simple guiding principles.

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